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We are Nordier

We are a property advisor whose approach is characterized by our senior partners being deeply involved in all projects.
It makes a difference.
We always work in small teams, are quick, solution-oriented and have a commitment beyond the ordinary.


Nordier’s Transaction Team has extensive experience of carrying out various types of real estate transactions, both large portfolio sales and smaller items in illiquid sub-markets. We are active all over Sweden.



Careful valuation is important for you to make good investments. Banks and property owners hire us for valuation of all types of properties.

Leasing & Development

Nordier’s team for leasing & development has in-depth experience of strategies, consultancy and implementation in rental and establishment. Our consultants master all types of premises in commerce, office and logistics / industry.

More about Nordier Property Advisors


Nordier is a partner-owned Company, founded in 2008. Since then, the Company has grown to 30 employees, all with relevant experience in the real estate sector. The Nordier Property Group includes Nordier Property Advisors and Nordier Leasing & Development.

Our combined expertise enables us to offer strategic advice throughout your entire business process – irrespective of whether it concerns leasing, transactions, development or valuation. At Nordier, you are assured of expertise at every stage of the process and you get the advantage of only working with a single advisor.

We have an extensive network of contacts and have a strong focus on results. Our experience shows us that well-executed business generates new business opportunities.


Nordier’s transaction team consists of advisors with long and broad experience of the Nordic property market, which enables us to create interesting business opportunities for our customers. We are agile and our way of working is characterised by a strong commitment and excellent execution skills. We value long-term relationships and always give one hundred percent commitment, regardless of the size or type of business. Our customers range from private real estate investors to family companies, listed companies and funds etc.

Property disposal

We offer advice and project management in a wide variety of real estate transactions, including the sale of individual properties, large property portfolios and construction rights. We are active in every segment of the real estate market and conduct business throughout Sweden.

Acquisition advice

Nordier advices you within acquisitions of individual properties and property portfolios. We create decision data, coordinate and conduct due diligence, negotiate with the other party, ensure that all documentation required in order to take possession is produced and that the transaction is completed. Our advisory services are based on comprehensive analysis and valuation work, which provides you as a client with well-founded and accurate advice. Nordier’s investment advices covers all types of properties.

Strategic advice

How do you optimize your real estate portfolio? Are you looking for expansion capital for your property? Nordier offers strategic advice based on your circumstances and requirements.


A correct valuation is important for you in order to make good investments. Banks and property owners retain Nordier for valuations and analysis of all types of properties. Our authorised real estate valuers have extensive knowledge of both the Swedish real estate and current investment markets. This means that we always know the right value of your property in the current market. Nordier values properties worth approximately SEK 100 billion every year and we are approved by all established Swedish banks.


Nordier specialises in conducting bank valuations of the highest quality based on the banks demands. Our valuations are more comprehensive and we present with greater clarity how and why we affix certain market values to the Swedish norm for bank valuations. This means that we are highly regarded by a large number of banks, as our customers can testify.

Annual Accounts

Nordier provides a range of valuations for annual reports. We have performed full valuations in conjunction with annual reports for clients including Lönnbacken, Wallfast, Backahill, etc. but we have also completed simplified desktop valuations for a number of companies.


How do housing requirements look in a specific area? How can the value of undeveloped land change in conjunction with a new infrastructure project? What use is a certain property/premises best suited for? What is the market rent /vacancy level in a particular area? Nordier’s valuation team, with support from the expertise available in Nordier’s other business areas, is highly qualified to provide you with the analysis you desire.

Leasing & Development

Nordier’s Leasing & Development team has extensive experience in relation to strategies, advisory services and implementation in all segments of the real estate sector. With our broad experience from the perspective of property owners, as real estate consultants and from the retail and cafe/restaurant segments – we have a genuine understanding of the many important parameters in critical situations. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable about everything from office premises to retail establishments in city locations, external retail hubs, shopping malls and existing or future logistics centres. We are well informed about current market trends and know what the market is looking for. We are creative, driven and always search for the optimal solution for your location.


Irrespective of whether it’s an espresso bar in the city centre or a future retail park – we’ll assist you all the way. We can deliver the right location, the right tenant mixture at the right market rental level. We offer advice relating to the leasing, acquisition, divestment or development of urban areas and retail hubs. We can also help you with renegotiations and establishments. We can broaden your network of contacts to include new retailers, restauranteurs and service providers.


We offer assistance in leasing and developing office premises for property owners. In addition to standard leases, we can help you with strategies and action plans for concepts and projects. If you are a tenant, we can offer you advice and practical solutions including help with finding new premises while we terminate the lease on your current premises or re- let it. We can help you through the entire process or with selected aspects.


We are specialists in identifying and creating possibilities and solutions in the logistics field. Through analysis and experience, we create the best possible deal for your particular situation. We offer advice in relation to leasing, acquisition, disposal or development of logistics properties. We can also assist you with renegotiations and establishments, whether of individual properties or larger projects.